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PenderHarbouristhelargestprotectedharbouronthecoastofBritishColumbia. Itformsanin- tricatemazeofbaysandcoveswithchannelsthatweaveinlandfor5kmandprovidesover60kms ofshoreline.PenderHarbourklpilnwasthehomeoftheoneofthelargestwintersettlements of the shshlh Sechelt Nation where up to 5000 people lived in Garden Bay. It is the home of commercial fisherman aquaculturalists and loggers and has a long history of boat building. This is the right time place for PODS In the wider region we are blessed with innumerable freshwater lakes lagoons and ponds hundreds of hectares of wetlands marshes and fens majestic rain forests alpine meadows and mile upon mile of cascading creeks and waterfalls including the famous Chatterbox Falls. Extensive tidal flats are dot- ted along the entire length of the coast and the numerous bays and estuaries provide shelter food and breeding habitat for hundreds of different species. The unique and extraordinary Skookumchuck Rap- ids are globally recognized and the immense expanses of some of Can- adas deepest fjords the Jervis Inlet is 732m deep and ocean habitats make the Sunshine Coast one of a kind. It is this abundance of water that is continually flowing through our lives that gives us such a special connection and appreciation of the living world around us. Madeira Park is within relatively engage with local rural coastal com- munities. Current facilities include the Bamfield Marine Research Station The Hakai Institute Deep Bay Marine Field Station and sev- eral smaller research stations and aquariums on Vancouver Island. These are all wonderful facilities and great learning places but they all have one big drawback which is that transportation costs and travel time are often prohibitive barriers to students who would like to visit these facilities. The federal government has a new mandate to fund science and research with a special focus on ocean environments the effects of climate change the importance of maintaining biodiversity and the consequent beneficial ecosystem services and increasing Marine Pro- tected Areas MPAs in BC. The partnerships and collabora- tions that we have been nurturing easy reach of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and is only just over an hours journey from Gib- sons after a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. It is quite feasible to travel to Pender Harbour and back in a single day and there are regular bus routes traveling north from the ferry terminal in Langdale. If you need to stay longer there are numerous options for accommoda- tion with literally dozens of nearby hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from. There are also many log cabins available for rent and numerous local camp sites situat- ed in beautiful locations close to lake and sea shores. Mooring your boat for the night is always an easy option with many local restaurants and shops within walking distance of the docks. University teachers are continu- ally looking for places to conduct place-based research with wet lab facilities for their students and to 09