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Our preliminary budget to build the marine research centre and aquarium includ- ing the purchase of land ar- chitectural components and acquisition of freshwater and marine species is 10 mil- lion. We are currently work- ing with architects marine aquarium specialists and en- gineers structural geotechni- cal mechanical to design the PODS buildings. In order to achieve this and to qualify for major funding sources the Lagoon Society must acquire the title to the land on which to build this unique vision for the community. The unique vision of PODS has already put Pender Harbour firmly on the map and together we not only stand to convey our inspiration to local children residents and visitors of all ages but also to rejuvenate the economy and vibrancy of our beautiful and precious Pender Harbour Community. We are building a diversified funding model to ensure re- siliency and broad long- term support including the estab- lishment of a PODS Endow- ment Fund.We have also been approached by and are ap- proaching private public and corporateintereststhatwishto contribute to the building and the operating costs of PODS. The Lagoon Society will be building this facility for the benefit of the Pender Har- bour community not only for the students and families who live here now but also for those who will be attracted to move to the Coast or to return here to raise a family. We are gathering data on how this iconic and diverse com- munity asset will increase en- rollment in our local schools provide diversification en- courage synergies and offer both direct and indirect benefits. PODS will be a huge boost to the local economy and establish Madeira Park as a landmark for marine ecolo- gy scientific research and ed- ucation. PODS Budget