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Become a Patron of the Lagoon Society Become a Member of the Lagoon Society Help Host the Iris Griffith Centre Help out at the EarthFair Store in Downtown Madeira Help Organize Fund-raising Events Join Our Citizen Science Projects Help Steward the Tyner Regional Park Drive the Wood Duck Bus Grow Plants in our Native Plant Nursery Help us Organize Ourselves Make a Donation Consider a Legacy Package or a Bequest For more info visit our website or email Check out our Facebook page for regular updates facebook.comlagoonsociety Get Involved To help us on our voyage of discovery we are seeking financial help from many different sourc- es but this is obviously a very considerable undertaking and we welcome all the volunteer help we can muster. If you would like to assist us in some way please do not hesitate to contact us and maybe con- sider helping us to grow in any of the following ways.