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The Ruby Lake Lagoon Society Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean. Ryunosuke Satoro Our primary underlying philosophy is that we all benefit by connecting with the wonders of the incredi- ble natural world around us. The special connection that our com- munities have between the land and the sea and the forest and all their inhabitants is what makes the Sunshine Coast such a truly magnif- icent place to live. We also strong- ly believe that if we think positively positive things will happen. Our primary aim has always been to promote the preservation and enhancement of biodiversi- ty throughout the Sunshine Coast and we have always engaged with the local community here by in- spiring curiosity and excitement in the natural world. Most of all though we are very proud to have initiated our flagship Nature School Program which provides top quali- ty field trips and week long school programs for teachers to immerse students in outdoor education in- cluding guided nature hikes pond dipping and microscope studies. TheLagoonSocietyhasinitiatedand hosted two major summits on the Sunshine Coast the Water Summit in 2006 and the Biodiversity Sum- mit in 2012. One result of the Wa- ter Summit was that our local area produced a Water Master Plan and subsequently received over 4.5m from the Province to rebuild our lo- cal water treatment infrastructure. The Biodiversity Summit resulted in the writing of the collaborative and comprehensive Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy which is now acting as the basic foundation for all our conservation activities in- cluding the PODS project. Home to rich First Nations culture and traditions and a diverse popu- lation of fisher and forest people we are all connected to the health of the ocean and our local waters. Pender Harbour is perfectly situ- ated to become a hub of learning research and science honouring our marine heritage fostering The Lagoon Society was formed by a group of local res- idents in April 2002. Three years lat- er we built and opened the Iris Grith Field Studies and Interpretive Centre a state-of- the art green building near Ruby Lake. The IGC is now a hub of activity for local families with a restored wetland and small lake and numerous exhibits and displays. We also showcase many different sources of green energy such as solar and wind power and have beautiful wild ower gardens and landscaping using only native plants. 01