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knowledge and respect of the ma- rine environment for all future gen- erations. Programs will be geared toward helping elementary and secondary school educators meet core competencies in science so- cial studies fine arts career devel- opment applied design skills and technologies. The Iris Griffith Centre is also the venue for numerous environmental workshops festivals conferences our annual BioBlitz and many oth- er events and has grown into an established community of its own. The building of the Iris Griffith Cen- tre has had a huge beneficial effect on the local economy and the vis- itors that we have attracted have added greatly to local commerce particularly through supporting lo- cal restaurants and hotels. We have also added over 5.5 million to the local economy through the hun- dreds of different grants awards and bequests of which we have been fortunate enough to be the beneficiaries and which allowed us to expand our programs to reach so many people. The Lagoon Society strongly be- lieves in partnering with other local organizations and we regularly col- laborate with regional groups. We now also run The EarthFair Store in Madeira Park and operate the 20- passenger Wood Duck Community Bus. We are also extremely proud to have The Honourable Judith Gui- chon Lieutenant Governor of BC as our patron. Our primary underlying philosophy is that we all benefit by connecting with the wonders of the incredible natural world around us. 02