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You are water Im water were all water in different containers. Someday well all evaporate together. Yoko Ono design skills and technologies will be actively facilitated by PODS. Post Secondary Currently the col- leges and universities on the Sun- shine Coast offer very little by way of a science-themed curriculum. As a result students graduating from high school who are interested in environmental biological or phys- ical sciences must leave the pen- insula for such educational oppor- tunities. PODS would add capacity and contribute to regional campus infrastructure with possible part- nerships with Capilano University Vancouver Community College Douglas College and the shshlh First Nation in addition to its prima- ry role as a research lab. This would provide a desperately needed link for students preparing for a future in the sciences. In the past instructors of Environmental Stewardship courses at Capilano University always made a point of bringing their students to the Iris Griffiths Centre using this focal point as a stellar example of envi- ronmental advocacy at the commu- nity level. After years of success in ecological education it is only natu- ral that this educational capacity be restored enhanced and expanded. The Lagoon Society is already ac- tively engaged in citizen science projects with research partners at Simon Fraser University the Uni- versity of British Columbia and the Pacific Salmon Foundation which are proving extremely valuable for data collection ecosystem compre- hension and for integration of the volunteers involved. PODS will pro- vide vital facilities for conducting further more elaborate marine and freshwater research programs and will be within easy reach for stu- dents from numerous universities and colleges. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new land- scapes but in hav- ing new eyes. Marcel Proust 06