The Lagoon Society welcomes you and encourages you to discover what is happening on the Sunshine Coast to protect and enhance our biodiversity through the work we are doing and the partnerships we are building.

The Lagoon Society is a steward of the Sunshine Coast

We aim to make stewardship of our natural environment accessible for all members of our community, and to provide the spaces for all of us to come together to exchange knowledge and ideas.  We want to ensure that the Sunshine Coast maintains a connected and diverse network of habitats and species that provide all of us with clean air, clean water, and sustainable resources into our future.

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Apply now to join our summer 2014 Centre Assistant staff!

thinkstock_78432082;Seedlings planted in a rowThe Lagoon Society is proud of its Summer Student program, and we’re getting ready for a new year. If you’re ready for a truly ‘wild’ time of fun, learning, and skill-building on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, please check out our Summer Students page for more information.


Read our Biodiversity Strategy

SC Biodiversty Strategy - web version - for circulationOur Sunshine Coast is world renowned for its spectacular mountains, ancient forests, lush wetlands, crystal clear lakes and rivers, and rich estuaries and coastal waters, all home to a great diversity of habitats and species. As development in our region increases, now is the time to take positive action to protect our precious natural heritage.

In partnership with others, the Lagoon Society created a Biodiversity Strategy to guide our community’s action to conserve and sustainably manage biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast. Click here to download our strategy and learn more about the process we took to develop it.

This video from the Vancouver Film School gives an excellent short primer on biodiversity:


Visit our Expanded EarthFair Store

Earth Fair StoreDid you know that we’ve expanded our EarthFair Store to a new location right in the heart of Madeira Park?

We were graciously offered this satellite store and Lagoon Society outreach location by the good folks at Bluewaters Books. You can still find the same amazing selection of books, but you’ll also discover a range of eco-products available … from LED lights to wind-up radios and much more.

The EarthFair Store is now open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm … please drop by and visit us!

The Iris Griffith Field Studies and Interpretive Centre

We invite you to come visit us at the beautiful Iris Griffith Field Studies and Interpretive Centre. We’re open Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm starting October 1st. Admission is free, and we’re always happy to help you take a closer look at nature!

For up to date information on what else we have in store this fall, visit our events page, or sign up for our e-newsletter below.

We look forward to seeing you soon!